Версия для слабовидящих

Uncle Vanya

Anton Chekhov, Drama 16+

Director — Evgeny Serzin
Production Designer— Sofia Shnyreva
Lighting Designer — Ksenia Kozlova

One of the most famous Russian plays in the world staged by a young director, actor and composer Evgeny Serzin.

Starring — Daria Melnikova, Pavel Chinarev, People’s Artist of the Russian Federation Valery Degtyar («Crime and Punishment»), Ilya Borisov («Death of Tarelkin», «Onegin», «Kitty»), Veronika Zhukova.

Professor Serebryakov is going through the end of a brilliant career hard and painfully. His young wife Elena Andreevna wants to support her husband, but is fond of Dr. Astrov, whom Serebryakov’s daughter Sonya has been hopelessly in love with for a long time. Professor’s brother-in-law Ivan Petrovich Voynitsky and Dr. Astrov are looking for Elena Andreevna’s company. One is in love with her unrequited, the second — mutually, but impossible. This painful love aggravates feelings of dissatisfaction with life and thoughts that it is wasted.

In this play, Uncle Vanya is not the main character. The audience’s attention will focus on all the participants of the performance: their thoughts, actions, hopes, internal conflicts and the desire to get to the very essence of the question — what to do if it seems that life has been lived in vain?


19 March, 2022


2 hours 30 minutes with one intermission.

Cast of characters:

Elena Andreevna, Serebryakov’s wife — Daria Melnikova
Alexander Vladimirovich Serebryakov — People’s Artist of the Russian Federation Valery Degtyar
Mikhail Lvovich Astrov — Pavel Chinarev
Ivan Petrovich Voynitsky — Ilya Borisov
Sofia Alexandrovna (Sonya), Serebryakov’s daughter from the first marriage — Veronika Zhukova