Версия для слабовидящих

The Idiot

Semyon Sakseev & Co. based on the novel by F. Dostoevsky
A dream in three acts, 18+

Director — Pyotr Shereshevsky
Production Designer— Anvar Gumarov
Lighting Designer — Stas Svistunovich
Video Designer — Maksim Baskakov

Have you ever wondered what is on the mind of your neighbor, friend or new acquaintance? Are you ever curious to read the thoughts of a random passerby?

Director Pyotr Shereshevsky and the audience look into the halls of the mind of one of Dostoevsky’s most iconic heroes — Prince Myshkin. The peculiarity of the novel «Idiot» is that its characters live in the same space as the modern residents of St. Petersburg. The realities described in Dostoevsky’s text are closely intertwined with today’s ones. Anyone can be Lev Myshkin: your loved one, a work colleague or even you...

Pyotr Shereshevsky used all the technical possibilities of the stage, combining theater and cinema. Close-ups of the actors online are displayed on the screen so that the viewer can catch the smallest details and changes in the facial expressions of the artists.


01 October, 2022


3 hours 30 minutes with two intermission.

Cast of characters:

Lev Myshkin — Ilya Del
Parfyon Rogozhin — Anton Paderin
Ganya — Alexander Khudyakov
Ivan Fyodorovich Epanchin — Gennady Alimpiev
Lizaveta Prokofyevna Epanchina — Honored Artist of Russia Tatiana Samarina
Nastasya — Tatiana Ishmatova
Aglaya — Anna Saklakova