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The Game of Love and Chance

Pierre de Marivaux
Romantic comedy, 16+

Staging and Choreography — laureate of the State Prize of the Russian Federation, Merited Worker of Arts of the Russian Federation Sergey Gritsai
Scenography— Nikolay Slobodyanik
Costumes — Andrey Klimov
Lighting Designer — Gidal Shugaev
Music Director — Sergey Patramansky
Stage fencing Director — two-time Vice-World Champion in artistic fencing Sergey Mishenev

One of the most titled plastic directors, Merited Worker of Arts of the Russian Federation, Director of the performance "Casanova" Sergey Gritsai returns to the Sadovaya st.’ theater!

“The Game of Love and Chance” is a classic romantic comedy of situation that has received a new interpretation beyond the time frame. Mr. Orgon decides to marry his daughter Silvia to a noble, handsome young man. Silvia, desiring to understand what kind of person her potential fiancé is, decides on a trick: she changes places with her maid Lisette. However, the young man, who also has doubts about the future bride, comes up with a similar plan. Masters become servants, servants become masters...

The deep psychologism of the action, feelings and internal conflicts of the characters will be revealed on the stage of the Theater “Priut Komedianta” not only by Director's decisions, but also by choreographic turns that will give volume to the characters' personalities. The audience will also be pleased with the imaginative reflections of the Director and Costume Designer Andrey Klimov, a true master of his craft, whose works are so amazing that entire exhibitions are dedicated to them.

The performance was created with the support of the St. Petersburg department of the Union of Theatre Workers of the Russian Federation..


April 08, 2023


2 hours 40 minutes with one intermission.

Cast of characters:

M. Orgon — Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Boris Smolkin
Silvia — Anna Migitsko
Lisette, Silvia's maid — Darina Odintsova
Dorante — Sergey Yakushev
Arlequin, Dorante's servant — Igor Klyuchnikov
Mario — Ilya Tiunov