Версия для слабовидящих


Based on the novel by Leo Tolstoy
Drama, 16+

Director, Scenography author, Staging author — Semyon Serzin
Costume designer — Semyon Serzin, Elena Sorochaykina
Video artist — Aleksandra Magelatova
Composer — Evgeny Serzin
Lighting designer — Semyon Serzin
Lighting designer's assistant — Natalia Tuzova

Dmitry Nekhlyudov speaks to the jury during the hearing of Katya Maslova's case, with whom he had a fleeting affair in his youth. The accused faces imprisonment, and then hard labor for actions that she is unlikely to be responsible for. Feeling personally guilty about what happened, Nekhlyudov tries to rectify the miscarriage of the jury in the courtroom and his own mistakes from his younger days.

The performance will delight with a strong cast: the stage of the Theater “Priut komedianta” awaits the return of Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Rosa Khairullina and the new role of Tatiana Ishmatova.

Director Semyon Serzin on the performance: “In the complex stream of thousands of moralistic words by Leo Nikolayevich, we have tried to capture the simple human destinies that, in fact, represent the conclusions of the classic.”

“The thing is, people think there are situations in which it is possible to treat a person without love. However, there are none. If you do not feel love for others, sit still, take care of yourself, things, whatever you wish but no other people.” Leo Tolstoy


April 11, 2024


1 hour 30 minutes with one intermission.

Cast of characters:

Nekhlyudov — Evgenii Sannikov
Maslova — Tatiana Ishmatova
Korableva — Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Rosa Khairullina
Judge, Fanarin — Arsenii Semyonov
Taras, Kryltsov — Mikhail Kasapov
Fedosia — Antonina Sergeeva / Elizaveta Simulik