Версия для слабовидящих

Lermontov. I’m writing to you

Oleg Pogudin
Musical-dramatic story, 12+

The Idea, the Script, the Production — People's Artist of the Russian Federation Oleg Pogudin
Scenography Author — Anna Kurochkina
Lighting Designer — Tatiana Kuzmina
Arrangements — Andrey Ivanov, Mikhail Radyukevich
Costumes — Elena Yarochkina
French language Teacher — Tatiana Nikolaeva

Mikhail Yuryevich Lermontov turns 210 years old in 2024. Has he been understood? Has his work been read? Over 100 years ago, Alexander Blok wrote, “There is no basis for Lermontov’s research — the biography is beggarly. It remains to ‘foresee’...” To foresee means to speak about art in the language of art.

People's Artist of the Russian Federation Oleg Pogudin and the Theater “Priut komedianta” present the premiere of the perfrormance “Lermontov. I am writing to you.” This is a musical-dramatic story based on poems and prose by Lermontov, Pushkin, Smirnova-Rosset, Rostopchina, with excerpts from letters by Lermontov, Rostopchina and Emperor Nicholas I and with music by composers who turned to Lermontov's work for more than a century and a half: from Varlamov to Khachaturian. The performance features 19 romances based on the words of the poet.

This is a performance about destiny, fate, love and loneliness, disbelief and faith, despair and salvation, and about a star talking to another star.


April 13, 2024


2 hours without intermission.

Cast of characters:

People's Artist of the Russian Federation Oleg Pogudin
Andrey Ivanov
Elena Korobeinikova
Danil Mozhaev
Iulia Stozharova


Alexey Baev (violin)
Andrey Ivanov (cello)
Mikhail Radyukevich (guitar)
Roman Tentler (double bass)
Oleg Gulevsky (bayan)
Elena Molotilova (domra small)
Irina Kozyreva (domra alto)