Версия для слабовидящих


Evgeny Zagot, Konstantin Rubinsky
A cappella musical, 18+

Director – Alexey Frandetti
Composer — Evgeny Zagot
Play and poetry — Konstantin Rubinsky
Scenography — Anastasia Pugashkina
Costumes — Anastasia Pugashkina, Ekaterina Gutkovskaya
Choreography — Svetlana Khoruzhina
Music supervisor — Elena Bulanova
Lighting designer — Ivan Vinogradov
Makeup artist — Tatiana Velichkina
Executive producer — Tatiana Kolobova
Assistant director — Anton Moshechkov
Music production — Danil Borisov, Evgeny Zagot
Choreographer's assistant — Ulyana Goleschikhina

A small, cold island called Iceville. A police inspector, who has arrived from the mainland, will have to investigate the mysterious death of Eva, a stranger who has suddenly disrupted the peaceful lives of the residents of Iceville.

A love triangle, dark humor and an eternal winter that freezes everything except the voice. Director Alexey Frandetti returns to the stage of the Theater “Priut komedianta” with a chilling a cappella musical. What can the audience expect? Unexpected plot twists, an action-packed mystery, a powerful score, and the voices of some of Russia's most talented musical performers, all delivered without the use of any instrumental accompaniment. The music for this performance was composed by Evgeny Zagot, who is one of the most acclaimed composers in the genre and has won multiple awards, including the prestigious Golden Mask and Musical Heart of the Theater prizes.


December 15, 2023


2 hours with one intermission.

Cast of characters:

Eva — Kristina Kuznetsova
Lil — Dmitrii Vorobev
Mai — Aleksandr Kazmin / Anton Avdeev
Kwoo — Uliana Goleshchikhina / Evdokiia Malevskaia
Bo&Bo — Manana Gogitidze
Mayor — Kirill Gordeev
Inspector — Egor Matveenko
Zbi, Mayor's assistant — Anna Tess / Anzhelika Reva
Ilm, Zbi's brother — Aleksandr Makarov