Версия для слабовидящих


Performance by Alexander Sozonov based on Andrey Ivanov's play,
Family drama, 16+

Playwright — Andrey Ivanov
Director — Alexander Sozonov
Set designer — Pavel Semchenko
Music — Ivan Kushnir
Lighting designer — Igor Fomin
Video designer — Maxim Baskakov, Yelena Zyryanova
Choreographer — Marina Yashnina
Vocal coach — Mariya Akhlibinskaya

Cast of characters:

Mother — Juliya Aug
Son — Ilya Yakubovsky
Toffee — Anastasia Polyanskaya
Tower raven — Ilya Tiunov

You possess access to the whole world’s data (thanks to the internet!), but how well you really know your nearest and dearest?

Almost 50% of young people aged 15-18 confess* that they keep secrets from their parents concerning their virtual life: the time being online, favourite websites and communities in social networks. Nearly a third of adults admit they have parental conflicts caused by online life. They become concerned with what their children publish, what communities they follow and who their children are talking to online. The action of Andrey Ivanov’s play takes place in this reality.

A regular family in Russia. Looks like the mother and the son at a Cold War afer the father’s death. In order to understand and help her son the mother creates an account under the fake name “Toffee” and chats with her son.

As a result her lie makes the mother and the son friends. But how to bring together different personalities — real ones who are still having conflicts and made-up users.

*Based on a 2019 study by Kaspersky Lab.


August 21, 2020


2 hours 30 minutes with one intermission.