Версия для слабовидящих


Tragicomedy, 18+

Based on the tragedy of William Shakespeare’s “King Lear”
Director — Konstantin Bogomolov
Designer — Larisa Lomakina

K. Bogomolov turned William Shakespeare’s famous tragedy “King Lear” into a tragicomedy, combining irreconcilable elements in one performance. The new “Lear” — a combination of ultimate staginess, mixed with an aggressive theatricality and grotesque acting with gags and attractions, with reflections about the contemporary world and man’s place in this world.

This exciting story, produced by the laws of provocative aesthetics — an ironic and tragic, harsh and lyrical at the same time ... “Into thine eyes gazed I lately, O Life: gold saw I gleam in thy night-eyes,— my heart stood still with delight... Who would not hate thee, thou great bindress, inwindress, temptress, seekress, findress! Who would not love thee, thou innocent, impatient, wind-swift, child-eyed sinner!... Thereupon did Life look thoughtfully behind and around, and said softly: ‘O Zarathustra, thou art not faithful enough to me! Thou lovest me not nearly so much as thou sayest; I know thou thinkest of soon leaving me.’ And we gazed at each other, and looked at the green meadow o’er which the cool evening was just passing, and we wept together.—Then, however, was Life dearer unto me than all my Wisdom had ever been.”

  • The performance is the winner of the National Theatre Award “Golden Mask” of the 2011-2012 season.
  • participant of the Russian Case program of the 2012 Golden Mask Festival;
  • participant of the festival of contemporary theatrical art “Theaterformen” (Hanover, Germany) 2013;
  • participant of the International Theatre Art Forum “Teart” (Minsk, Belarus);
  • participant of the “St. Petersburg Theatre season in Marseille”, 2013.


September 23, 2011


2 hours and 30 minutes with one intermission.

Cast of characters:

Honoured Artist of Russia Rosa Khairullina — The King Lear
Uliana Fomicheva — George Maximilianovich Albany
Gennady Alimpiev — Goneril Learovna Albany, his wife
Honoured Artist of Russia Daria Moroz — Semyon Mikhailovich Cornwall, Doctor Luntz
Anton Moshechkov — Regan Learovna Cornwall, his wife
Pavel Chinarev — Cordelia Learovna Lear, Lear’s youngest daughter
Tatyana Bondareva — Mr. Zarathustra, European Ambassador to our side / The Prophet Zoroaster, a patient of a special psychiatric hospital
Alexandra Vinogradova — Samuel Yakovlevich Gloucester, writer
Alyona Bondarchuk — Edgar Samuilovich Gloucester, his legitimate son, a Jew
Mariia Zimina — Edmond Samuilovich Gloucester, his illegitimate son, Russian (by mother)
Irina Salikova — Samuel Yakovlevich Gloucester, writer